Five Trends that mean Collaborative Multi-Party Contracts are the way construction is going

EaganLathemFarmer all these reports sighted the need for better collaboration in the construction industry. Change has been slow and it may feel like there has been no meaningful change. But change is coming and it’s being driven by trends in the industry and the wider economy.

Ask your self if you are prepared for this change because clients will be demanding alliance or Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) type contracts now and increasing in the coming years.

Five trends that will result in more collaboration in the construction industry;

Becoming a business not just a freelancer

So my time at Becketts is coming to an end after what was supposed to be a three month stint. Three years later the job ad has gone out for a perm member of staff to take over the role I am currently acting in. I always knew it would be a bit longer than a three month gig but I hadn’t thought it would last quite as long as it did.

The time at Becketts has been really good. I’ve only worked 3.5 days a week which has meant I’ve had Mondays and Wednesday mornings with my youngest son. I wish I’d been able to do that with the oldest but he’s at school now and youngest will be in September. So I’ll back to 5 days soon which is bitter sweet. I’m looking forward to getting some more work done but I’ll miss both my boys while they are at school.

I’ve now turned my mind to what is next, and the clock is ticking. I know what I want to accomplish which is to get Hanga set up as a project management consultancy specialising in alliance contracting. But I have to be realistic too. That means exploring contract opportunities at the same time as I promote Hanga. If I can’t get clients for alliance roles then I still need to be bringing in money some how.

It’s a tough place to be. In between business and one man band. I’m sure it’s a pretty common predicament. First I have to get myself busy then I can think about building a team.

A bit about what's going on at Hanga

A bit about what's going on at Hanga

I’ve decided to use the blog function on my website to add short posts about what is going on at Hanga. I’ll post longer form stuff at my Medium account.

There will be some stuff about my day to day project management consulting work, some stuff about trying to grow Hanga and some about finding other sources of income.

It will be like a professional and business progress update where I share my experiences and some thoughts.