A bit about what's going on at Hanga

I’ve decided to use the blog function on my website to add short posts about what is going on at Hanga. I’ll post longer form stuff at my Medium account.

There will be some stuff about my day to day project management consulting work, some stuff about trying to grow Hanga and some about finding other sources of income.

It will be like a professional and business progress update where I share my experiences and some thoughts.

I have no target reader in mind but I hope I connect and find people who find it interesting or even helpful.

I’ve got a couple of concerns about doing this. First, I’m not sure this approach will help find clients it might turn clients off. The other is that I unintentionally offend someone I happen to be working with. Pretty minor in the scheme of things so I’ll just push ahead.

There are a few things going on at the moment.

My main gig is I’m the internal senior PM for the Leeds Beckett Creative Arts Building. I do this 3 - 3.5 days a week. It pays the bills and it’s a pretty complex project so keeps me occupied.

I’m starting a software company called Malablock. I’ve got a technical partner and we are currently talking to a potential angel investor to get a first version of the tool built. It related to construction payments. I’ll go into more detail if/when we get some traction.

I’m also involved in a company called Keepsite which provides project and portfolio management software to the construction industry. I’ve invested a small amount and I give advice.

Finally there is a proposal I’m waiting to hear back on for some work I have in with Sheffield Hallam Uni I’ve partnered up with Ian Heptinstall who is an expert in alliance contracting. Sheffield Hallam have taken the decision to manage a 20 year Masterplan using project alliancing. Ian brings the alliancing and I bring the higher education experience… and I live closer! Fingers crossed we get in there I’d love to be involved.

I’ll write about all these as they progress and as other things come up.

Please feel free to comment!