Going deep into Alliance Contracting

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make Hanga stand out. These thoughts have tied back neatly to thoughts about how the construction process can be improved. I’ve concluded that combining these two things is the best approach I can take right now.

Common advice is to specialise. Go deep, not wide.

The logic stacks up. If you were having surgery on your heart would you choose a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon? The answer is obvious.

The same applies if a potential client is comparing two proposals. One says they specialise in the niche the client is working and the other is more broad. The theory goes that the specialist knocks out the competition and wins the work.

The fear is of course you end up limiting other opportunities because you are limiting the size of your market.

Taking all that into consideration I’ve decided that Hanga will specialise in Collaborative or Alliance Contracting.

I believe that a combination of procurement methods like Alliance and using software is the best way for the construction industry to move forward and start to make some productivity gains.

There are a couple issues. I have no idea what the size of the market is for this. It will take promoting not just Hanga but the benefits of Alliancing. The other small issue is that my knowledge of Alliancing is only theoretical! There are just not that many opportunities to be involved with Alliance Contracting. To combat this I’m collaborating with an Alliance expert, Ian Heptilstall who has agreed to support me.

I’ll be rewriting some of the stuff on the website and sending out some feeler emails to potential clients. If anyone reading this thinks they may have a lead to follow up on please let me know.