Time to start selling. Project Alliance anyone?

Sorting out your website & revising your LinkedIn profile is a bit like cleaning your room before you start to study.

I'm getting dangerously close to having to approach some potential clients!

I went out on my own nearly three years ago. I had a gig lined up at Leeds Beckett University (LBU). It was supposed to last for 3 months, 2 years 10 months later I’m still there!

I always intended to grow Hanga and create a consultancy, not a be a freelance contractor. Not that there is anything wrong with freelancing, in fact I believe that we’ll all end up acting like freelancers in the future.

The roles I covered while at Leeds Beckett were interesting. I was working on closing out a couple of projects when I started but then moved swiftly onto governance and working on some master-planning stuff. I’m now acting senior PM on the Creative Arts Project which is going great.

But all good things must come to an end. The estates team has gone though a restructure and the management want a full time member of staff to carry out the role I am covering.

So, I’m a bit scared about what the future holds but feel confidant I can make ends meet and get something off the ground.

I’ve taken a page from the world of software and decide that specialising in a niche is the way to go so I’m concentrating on project alliancing. At least I’ll be selling something I believe in. I would struggle with generic PM services added to that I’d be competing against some pretty established players.

Now with my metaphorical room in order it’s time to start seeing if anyone out there is looking to change the status quo on how we usually deliver construction projects. Fingers crossed.