Alliance and Lean go together like..... *insert classic pairing here*

I read ‘The Lean Start Up’ a few years ago. It was my introduction to lean methods. I have since read the Toyota Way which is about the development of source of Lean principles and TPS (Toyota Production System) and The Goal which is a lean management book which was first published in 1984 but is still extremely relevant today.

I’d not really thought that much of Lean Construction dismissing it as more for on site situations. Looking for waste in the building process etc. I’ve recently changed my mind and have started looking in greater detail at Lean Construction.

A key principle I’m trying to use now is the idea of pull. The approach is basically to look at what the final result that’s desired and work backwards, asking what is needed to get it done? The last person in the exercise is the client or their customer who wants the result. You take that mentality right back up the supply chain and use language that enforces the idea of this needs to be done because it’s for the customer requires it. I’m not quite up on definitions but this is part of the Last Planner approach.

This method is intended to create better collaboration. The contractual arrangements get in the way of lean. Fixed lump sum is the killer of collaboration and it leads to waste. Elimination of waste is another core tenant of lean.

I am taking a lean approach to all my work and leans process of continued improvement.

The best contractual arrangement for lean to work is an Alliance. I’m excited to continue to increase my knowledge of lean construction processes.