Construction - Had enough? Time for a change to alliancing?

I wrote recently about my decision to go all in on alliance project management or to use a better term facilitation. I hope to find clients that are open to giving this method a shot.

Since my last post I’ve had a few conversations and got some good feedback from some guys that have been advocating for alliancing in construction for sometime. Seems that there are some clients who are just fed up with the status quo and that is causing them to explore other methods including project alliance.

So that’s great to hear but I won’t have validation until I actually find a client willing to take a bit of a chance on a new method for the construction industry.

I’ve had to park writing a bit of an alliance pitch document for Hanga in favour of working on the workflow for the Malablock software.

Malablock is a collaboration tool for making payments down the supply chain transparent.

Selling into a construction supply chains is difficult because it’s hard to make a case that everyone in there will benefit from the tool you are offering. We’re settling around the idea that Malablock offers the same benefits as a project bank account but with simpler implementation and a method for creating a digital reputation. We are hoping that with the increasing calls for project bank accounts to be made mandatory we can get ourselves in the right place at the right time.

The two align nicely as well alliance and project bank accounts go together so I feel like I’m sticking to the right path.