Welcome to Hanga Pay

Hanga Pay is a new payment service we are working on for payments on construction projects. The use case described in the video below is for advanced payments but we are also working on regular contractual construction payments too.

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Frequently asked questions

can there be more than three parties in a shared ledger?

Yes. You can have a client, contractor, sub contractor, supplier in a transaction chain. Also parties who need sight of the transaction but are not involved such as the contract administrator or quantity surveyor. 

Can people get access to the transaction information?

No. No one can see the details of any transaction except the parties with access to the shared ledger. 

Is my payment safe?

Absolutely! We're using IBM's Hyperledger to manage the transactions.  

Can Hanga Pay be used for international payments?

Yes. You can transfer between fiat currencies easily. 


What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a decentralised database which chronologically and securely records transactions. Decentralised means the ledger is stored on multiple locations so to change it is almost impossible.   

How much does it cost?

We're still working this out but hope that the fee set around 0.5% of the total amount being transferred.

Can I use normal bank transfers with Hanga Pay?

No, but if you're not comfortable to transfer funds using Hanga Pay you can still create a wallet and use the shared ledger feature to have have consensus of the agreement and the time/location stamped photo. There's no cost for using Hanga Pay in this way.