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Reach your project goals while saving time and money.

Alliancing combined with Lean can give you faster, cheaper & better results.

Project Alliancing is a proven method of project delivery on large scale infrastructure projects but relatively new to construction. It’s not traditional lump sum procurement so it takes a little time at the start of a project to set up but the benefits overall are great.

We use a collaborative software platform called Keepsite. Keepsite provide project and portfolio software for the construction industry.

Clients that work with us have access to their project dashboards allowing you to see what is happening on your projects in real time. No more feeling out of the loop.

If you have a project or group of projects and you think we might add real value then please get in touch for a chat. We’ll happily explain the principles of Alliancing and Lean and how they might relate to your project. No hard sell, if it seems like a good fit we can go from there.

We would love to hear from you. Drop me a line dave@hanga.co or 07857169442


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